Landscape and climate

In the highest part of the Penedès, the vineyards are located between 500 and 800 metres above sea level between the Montmell and Ancosa ranges beneath the Montagut peak (a Geodesic vertex).

Due to the mountainous countryside, the vineyards are small terraces and hillsides which rarely reach a hectare. The territory is split by the Marmellar river with a shady and a sunny side. The countryside is a mosaic of pine and holm-oak forests where the vineyards enjoy the peace and tranquility away from industry and transport infrastructure.

The soil is mostly clay giving it a high capacity to retain water and nutrients. This encourages longer ripening cycles and higher anti-oxidant producing polyphenol content. This soil can produce grapes that will make full-bodied wines.


The climate is typically mediterranean, but with certain specific characteristics due to the altitude. This causes a greater difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures which in turn favours a slower ripening period with excellent results. These conditions also produce grapes with higher acidity making all our wines fresh and vibrant.

History and people

The history of our territory can be traced back to the 10th century when the order of the Templars established the first settlement. Walking through the hills you will see castles, watchtowers and centuries-old farmhouses that are testament to our long history.

We are driven to make our agriculture ever more sustainable. All of our vineyards are organically farmed and subject to strict auditing by the CCPAE (Catalan Council on Organic Agricultural Production).

All our wines are produced from vineyards tended by the professional farmers of the Agrupació d’Agricultors de El Pla de Manlleu. The members of this farmers association have generations of experience in viticulture making them ideally qualified to guarantee the excellence of vineyard practices throughout the vines’ growing cycle.