Natural wines



Est. 1225


The grapevines




Located in the highest part of Penedès, between 500 and 800 meters above sea level. Great thermal difference day / night that provides a slow maturation. Soils clay and calcareous. Poor soils, we put the vines in competition with the vegetation to stress them, to obtain the best of them, deeper roots, mineral aspects.



Vineyards of> 60 years cultivated by means of organic and biodynamic methods. CCPAE certification.

Manual harvest. Transportation in small containers to prevent pre-pressing and to arrive in the cellar in perfect condition.

Upon arrival at the winery, storage in a cold room for 48 hours to prevent premature fermentation.

Elaboration: Fermentation and aging in 1,000-liter clay amphorae:








Pumping grapes into the amphorae.





Fermentation at a controlled temperature









We are now in this phase. We leave the wines for 6 months in the amphorae and then decide on the level of filtration.

This will be the first vintage of these wines. We will make about 1,000 bottles of each, the sumoll and the parellada.


We are working on labels. The earliest designs are:




The bottles will go without a capsule, with a compact cork stopper.

The philosophy of these wines: Old vineyards of height, indigenous varieties, organic cultivation, fermentation and aging in amphora and not SO2.