Freixenet (Henkel Group) pays for the grapes at 30 cents per kilo. Given the volume it produces, this company is the one that somehow sets the market price. Other brands pay better to ensure a higher quality, organic and hand-picked grape, but the price is always significantly below € 1 per kilo.
This price is unsustainable for winegrowers and they are doomed to make quantity prevail over crop quality or to disappear. In France, you can pay up to € 7 a kilo. Growers can have a healthy economy which allows them to care for the grapes to meet the buyer’s expectations. In Catalonia, with the exception of the vineyards that the viticulturist himself decides to dedicate to winemaking, the aim is only to obtain large quantities to alleviate, as far as possible, the effect of low prices.


This year, mildew has damaged, on average, 35% of crops. It is not necessary to do many numbers to see the situation of the sector.
In the same way that unions are concerned with ensuring minimum wages, the Regulatory Councils of the various DOs, which are responsible for ensuring product quality, should set minimum prices for grapes. Let’s not forget that this is an important sector within the economic landscape of Catalonia. This cannot be followed.