About us

Who we are

We are a young and small winery, but with many generations behind us dedicated to viticulture.

Our vineyards, all organic, are located in the highest part of the Penedès, in the sub-area Alts d’Ancosa, hidden, where peace and silence dominate a landscape of forests and vestiges of our rich history. Its location between 500 and 800 meters above sea level, with a great thermal difference between day and night, provides the grapes with a slow, unique and high freshness ripening while the soil supplies unique mineral aspects.

We produce our own wine from indigenous varieties such as Sumoll, Montonega, Parellada, Garnacha Blanca and Negra and foreign varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot. Our commitment is to give priority to quality over quantity by applying methods of excellence in both viticulture and winemaking.

The terroir and the weather

Located in the highest part of El Penedès, the vineyards are located at an altitude above sea level between 500 and 800 meters between the mountains of Montmell and Ancosa where the Puig de Montagut (geodetic vertex) stands out.

With a mountainous orography, the surfaces are small with plains and slopes that hardly reach a hectare of surface. The territory is crossed by the stream of Marmellar with an umbrian band and a solar band. The landscape is like a mosaic of pine and oak forests where the vineyards that breathe peace and tranquility are located in this corner away from industry and road infrastructure.

The soils are clayey and calcareous that have a good capacity to retain nutrients and water. This provides longer maturation cycles and a higher content of polyphenols that provide antioxidants. The grapes obtained from these soils give rise to well-structured wines.

We find an eminently Mediterranean climate, but with very peculiar characteristics derived from the height. This provides a thermal difference day-night that makes the ripening of the grapes slow getting very high quality results. The conditions also provide our grapes with a high degree of acidity which makes our wines very fresh.

History and people

The history of our territory dates back to the 10th century when the first Templar command was established. Walking we find watchtowers, centuries-old farmhouses and dry-stone buildings that testify to the long history that precedes us. The cultivation of the vineyard was introduced in our territory in those distant times.


We are dominated by the desire to achieve an increasingly sustainable agriculture. Therefore, all our vines are cultivated in an ecological regime subject to rigorous audits by the CCPAE (Catalan Council of Ecological Agricultural Production).

All our wines come from vineyards grown by professional farmers of the Association of Farmers of El Pla de Manlleu. The members of the Association have a history of many generations in the cultivation of the vine, so they have an unbeatable qualification to guarantee excellence in the practices that they apply throughout the entire grape growing cycle.


Our winemaker, Josep Mitjans, has worked intensely in recent years to promote the production of wines with very controlled fermentations, and with the aim of maintaining consistency in the philosophy that is applied to the vineyard and opening a door to the most respectful wines from its origin until they arrive at the table.

The objective is to transfer to the wines the maximum aromatic expression of the fruit, with all its nuances to get the best expressions of each variety. He recovered the amphora, an ancient tradition, returning to give value to a noble container, which lets the wine breathe and keeps it fresh.

The sparkling we do, under the umbrella of the Classic Penedès (DO Penedès), is the expression of the territory. The secret of the great sparkling wines is an excellent base wine that makes the second fermentation in the bottle.

Now we begin to make natural monovarietal wines, zero sulphites, with native varieties such as Sumoll and Parellada, raised in 1,000-liter clay amphoras.